History of St. Paul

Historical Highlights of St. Paul Lutheran

The early history of St. Paul Lutheran congregation dates back to the 1860.  Among the settlers seeking a new home and future in the unsettled backwoods were a number of sturdy German families confessing the Lutheran faith.  They hailed from Germany, especially Pommerania, and from congregations of the Missouri Synod in other parts of the state.  These pioneer families, the Dahlke, Duescher, Prahl, Doell, Belter, Quade, Kortbein, Kratz, Mueller, Goetsch, Jahnke, Krohn, Gruetzmacher, Plautz, Treptow, Ihlenfelt, Karnopp, and whatever their family names may be, came to make their homes in the Town of Montpelier.  Their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren are still living here and are faithful members.

1865    St. Paul Congregation is officially organized by Rev. Bachmann, President; Julius Goetsch, Secretary; and Johann Dahlke, Fred Kortbein, and Christian Kohn, Trustees.  There were about 17 members.

1868    St. Paul purchased 5 acres from Lazerus Ellis for $50 and a log church was erected.  The Rev. Tobias Roesche was installed as the first resident pastor.

1874    Rev. Ernest P. Aulich was installed as pastor.

1884    Brick school building is built.

1888    Rev. Jacob Diehl is installed on March 4.  Construction of current church begins.  It is dedicated on August 4, 1889. 

1892    Brick veneer parsonage is built.

1897    Tractor action pipe organ is installed.

1905    Rev. Gustav S. Mundinger is installed as pastor on July 23.

1907    A.J. Kiekhoefer is installed as the first teacher of St. Paul Lutheran School.

1912    A teacherage is constructed.

1912    Rev. Herman A. Handrich was installed as pastor on December 8.

1915    The current church altar, purchased in honor of the 50th Anniversary of St. Paul Congregation, is installed. 

1925    Rev. Martin Hasz is installed as pastor on June 7.

1928    Electricity is installed in the church.

1929    Rev. Reinhardt F. W. Pautz is installed as pastor on April 28.

1932    Church is redecorated, partial basement is dug, and a new furnace is installed.

1942    Rev. John H. Nau was installed as pastor on September 6.

1951    A new school building is completed and dedicated to the west of our current church.

1958    Rev. Clarence A. Baumgartel is installed as pastor on February 2.

1959    The 75th Anniversary of St. Paul Lutheran School is commemorated. 

1964    Church is redecorated and a new entrance (narthex) is added.

1965    The 100th Anniversary of St. Paul Congregation is commemorated with two special services.  Rev. Victor Dahlke (a son of St. Paul) and Rev. Nau were guest preachers.

1972    Rev. Leslie A. Weerts is installed as pastor on October 8.

1973    A new parsonage was dedicated on February 25.

1981    Rev. Apolinario E. Batiansila is installed as pastor on December 20.

1984    100th Anniversary of St. Paul Lutheran School is commemorated with three special services.  Rev. Camann (former principal of St. Paul), Rev. C. A. Baumgartel, and Rev. Weerts were guest preachers.

1987    Church is redecorated, addition of a new all-purpose room, two bathrooms, and ramp.

1989    100th Anniversary of St. Paul Church building dedication on August 13.

1990    125th Anniversary of St. Paul’s Congregation.  Four special services were held.  Rev. Allan Baumgartel (a son of St. Paul), Rev. Weerts, Rev. Steve Duescher (son of St. Paul), and Dr. Oswald Hoffman, Retired Lutheran Hour Speaker, were guest preachers.

2008    Groundbreaking ceremony is held on September 7 for the current school and fellowship hall.  The building was dedicated on August 30, 2009. 

2009    125th Anniversary of St. Paul School.  A special service is held on April 11, 2010 with Rev. Steve Duescher as guest preacher.

2010    Rev. Daniel Grams is installed as pastor on September 5.

2014    Rev. Dr. Daniel Olson is installed as pastor on July 27.  The 125th Anniversary of St. Paul Church building dedication on August 3 with Rev. Daniel Grams as guest preacher.

2015    150th Anniversary of St. Paul Lutheran Congregation.  The anniversary theme is 150 Years Of God’s Grace To St. Paul.

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